Woolavington Village Primary School

Woolavington Village Primary School

Term Time Leave Request

Absence in Term Time

As a school we are no longer allowed to authorise absence in term time, except in exceptional circumstances.  

Exceptional circumstances DO NOT include; cheap holiday cost, getting personal paperwork, passports or visa’s updated or visiting relatives.

Exceptional circumstances may include; emergency/services personnel with proof of enforced holiday period, holiday industry employees with proof of this being the ONLY time period allowed by the employer or one transcontinental leave request per Key Stage for a very significant, extended family event, including seeing an elderly/seriously ill relative.

The school is permitted to pre-authorise absence under exceptional circumstances so should you need to take your child out of school for a predetermined time, then we still recommend you fill in an absence request form (attached and also available from the office).

The authorisation of time off when children are sick, have doctor’s appointments etc. remain unaffected by these changes. It helps us greatly when parents provide a specific reason for illness i.e. sickness, tonsillitis, stomach upset, rather than saying a child is ‘unwell’.

Thank you for your understanding and support in implementing this Government policy.